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In The Garden


In The Garden


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SEAY IN THE GARDEN released by Tuscan Sun Music is the fourth release from artist composer and vocalist SEAY. Featuring her uplifting voice and universal sound, this beautiful new age music project is filled with lush orchestration, elegant pianos, world rhythms and universal sentiments of connection. Drawing upon new age and world musical influences, this special 12 song collection was born of collaborations from across the globe in celebration of the earth, the oceans and each of us as human beings. We hope you will listen on to the artistry, beauty and textures of this beautiful music project and journey with Seay featuring her evocative voice and music alongside several world renowned instrumentalists. IN THE GARDEN showcases images of Seay with Nashville Photographer Nora Canfield, "Acacia Real" water gardens of the Alhambra Granada, Spain by Jules Delgado and "Where The Wind And Sea Meet The Sky ", Point Dume' Malibu, California. The Alhambra, it's gardens and fountains are considered one of the seven wonders of the world and designed on the principles of harmony and sacred Geometry. The beautiful design and layout is by Elizabeth Mancuso of Mancuso Creative. Also, included in this preview website are select images by visual artist Claudia Kleefeld and her exhibit "Patterns In Nature, The Spiral and Interconnectedness. This captivating New Age project supports environmental and humanitarian organizations including the United Nations, The Cousteau Society, Oceana, and will be available on Itunes and digital/retail destinations worldwide. This beautiful preview of SEAY'S new project includes select pieces in both the full and instrumental versions. There will also be a deluxe version of In The Garden, released digitally with special bonus pieces and a digital booklet. From the evocative vocalise DREAM, the epic OCEANUS, the haunting ethereal FOUNTAIN, the uplifting global groove song WE ARE ONE, to the epic celebratory BEAUTIFUL EARTH, SEAY takes us on an uplifting beautiful musical journey.


In The Garden by composer, vocalist, and instrumentalist Seay, is one of the most uplifting, richly orchestrated, and lavishly produced recordings I ve heard in some time, on a level with the work of renowned artists like David Arkenstone or Enya. In fact, while some of Seay s vocals and arrangements may evoke favorable comparisons with Enya, she indeed has her own unique style that integrates a much wider range of world music influences. With themes that include love and respect for the earth, the oneness of all life, and more, In The Garden is an exquisitely detailed and deeply inspirational musical experience. --Michael Diamond - Music and Media Focus

Seay, one of the most unique and empathic voices on the planet, returns with her much anticipated fourth release, In The Garden . Her seraphic vocals consider the earth as a garden in itself and her artistry is the nurturing beauty it deserves on these twelve tracks of pure New Age bliss. --R J Lannan - Zone Music Reporter - The Sounding Board

In the Garden is the fourth release from Seay (pronounced say ) a highly gifted musician, composer and singer who plays piano and keyboard, as well as provides all vocals on this album. Featuring an amazingly talented team of musicians lending additional acoustic, electronic and indigenous world instruments throughout including guitar, bass, flute, cello, percussion, sitar, santoor, digeridoo and string arrangements. Beautifully packaged with detailed, vivid artwork and photography, In the Garden immediately whisks the listener away on a trans-global adventure of natural wonderment. Sure to have far-reaching appeal among a diverse listening audience, In the Garden is one of the most delightful vocal-centric albums I ve heard in years. An extraordinary amount of detail and effort was put into this recording, with every twist and turn taking the listener around the globe, as if viewing scenic places on earth from above. Combining the finest elements of new age pop, world-instrumental and neoclassical music, In the Garden is a top-tier musical production and prepossessing work of art! --Candice Michelle - Journeyscapes Radio

In The Garden

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